Mouse Engineering Core

The Evergrande Center supports technology development at the Mouse Engineering Core, which assists investigators with generation of germline-modified mice (transgenics, lentigenics, knockout and knockin, and CRISPR/Cas9 engineered mice).

Established in 1992, the Core facility has extensive expertise and success in generating germ-line modified mice.  The Core provides microinjection and gene targeting services: microinjection of small or BAC-sized DNA constructs for generation of transgenic mice, microinfection with high titer lentiviral vectors for lentigenic construction and microinjection of sgRNAs, Cas9mRNA and DNA vectors for CRISPR/Cas genome engineering.  The Core also will generate targeted ES cell lines using constructs provided by investigators, and microinjected targeted ES (generated by the Core or purchased from repositories such as KOMP) into blastocysts.

In addition, the core provides cryopreservation and recovery services. The Core will cryopreserve embryos and sperm from mouse strains, thaw and implant frozen embryos to reanimate strains, and perform in vitro fertilization with fresh or frozen sperm.

The Core works with investigators to achieve optimal outcomes for each project.