Evergrande Center projects use innovative single-cell and genome-scale techniques. The bioinformatics and computational resource provides essential support for data processing and analyses across data sets. Center projects provide a unique opportunity for the complex analysis of trans-system data from complex physiologic and pathologic settings that rest on multi-cell and multi-molecular interactions – all analyzed at single-cell and genome-scale resolution. 

The main goals of this Resource are to:

  • Lead the coordinated analysis of data generated by Center projects, bringing computational biology expertise, and exploiting possibilities offered by the combined datasets.
  • Train and help Center investigators acquire familiarity with tools needed to optimally analyze their data.

  • Establish the data pipelines and structures needed to support these activities.

  • Ensure the dissemination of Center data, through public repositories, or if required using de novo tools, in order to further discoveries in the field of inflammation research.